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Learning Zone

This is the RevealX Learning Zone. You will find three different RevealX learning categories here, Tips and Tricks, Tutorials and Featured Artists.

Tips and Tricks will show you the best practices to use when creating your Reveal, including, how to use your Pen Brush, how much oil to put down, and how to brush in your finish.

Tutorials will show you the different ways that you can enhance your Reveal experience after you have mastered the Reveal process itself. This is where you will learn that the Reveal does not have to be the finish, but can be the start of a new creative RevealX journey

Featured Artists is where some of the most talented and proficient mixed media Reveal Artists, teach you advanced Reveal techniques using all different types of paints and finishing mixed media.

Tips and Tricks




Featured Artists

RevealX is for Everyone. Yes, it is true that the Reveal itself is a ‘Wow’ for anyone that experiences it. It is also true that to create a Reveal, all you have to do is brush over the ghosted canvas with our specially formulated Linseed Oil. However, for a skilled or professional artist, the ‘Reveal’ is just the beginning, because they use the Reveal as an enabler. In that they can enhance the Reveal by using different types of paint and mixed media, add texture, make variations of the same painting, and help realize complex compositions quicker. In this Featured Artists section, we endeavor to showcase fresh perspectives on the use of RevealX, as seen through the eyes of different Featured Artists.

Introducing (Reveal) Artist Marisol


Marisol was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico. She began studying art with the artist Frank Cervoni in his private studio in Santurce. In 1992 she graduated from the Fine Arts School, Escuela de Artes Plasticas in San Juan ,P.R. with a bachelor’s degree magna cum laude in Painting.


Her mentor was the painter Domingo Garcia. She worked as an art teacher in PR. , Connecticut, and New Jersey where she attained her teaching degree in visual arts from the Alternate route to teaching certification. She acquired several awards for her outstanding work as an art teacher there and became a mentor herself. She has exhibited at major museums and galleries in Puerto Rico and the USA.